Year 11

Please click on the links below to access the relevant bridging material for the course that you intend to study at Blue Coat Sixth Form from September 2021.

Bridging material for each course will appear in 3 parts over the next few weeks. Part 1 and 2 is available to access now, you will be sent a notification by email when Parts 3 become available to view. The material for each subject has been carefully designed and put together by your A-level teachers to make sure that your transition from GCSE to A Level is as smooth and successful as possible. Below each subject title you will also see a link that takes you to the course details for your chosen subject.

Part 1Monday 7th June
Part 2Monday 7th June
Part 3Wednesday 7th July


1. All Year 11 offer holders should complete the 3 part General Introduction‘ to life as a Sixth Form student at Blue Coat.

2. All Year 11 offer holders should complete the 3 part bridging unit for your subject of choice for study from September 2021. (Scroll down to find your chosen subjects).

3. If you have registered to complete the Core Maths course as part of the Futures Pathway then you will also need to complete the bridging materials for this subject (also listed below).

Subject Presentations

Click on the blue button beneath each A-level subject to access a subject presentation which provides a brief outline of the subject’s content and course structure.

Sixth Form Bridging Material – A General Introduction

Applied Science

Level 3 Certificate/Extended Certificate in Applied Science (AQA)

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Art and Design:  Fine Art (AQA)

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Core Maths

Core Maths (AQA)

Design & Technology 3D Design

Design and Technology: 3D Design (AQA)

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Drama & Theatre

Drama & Theatre (Pearson/Edexcel)

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English Literature

English Literature (EDEXCEL)

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Further Maths

A level Further Mathematics (AQA)

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Geography A Level (OCR)

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A Level History (OCR)

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A Level Mathematics (AQA)

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Art and Design: Photography & Light Based Media (AQA)

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Physical Education

Physical Education (OCR – Cambridge Technical, Extended Certificate)

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A Level Politics (AQA)

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A Level Psychology (OCR) 

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Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (Eduqas)

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Sociology A Level (AQA)

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Art and Design: Textile Design (AQA)

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