Over the last 15-20 years, much research into the psychology of success has been conducted and the findings are very interesting!  Achieving the best grades possible in your A-levels requires more than just learning the specification content.  A particular set of skills and an advanced mindset is necessary.  In other words, your attitude, self-beliefs and self-awareness of your own goals are essential to being an effective and successful A-level student.

There has been very recent research conducted here in England into the mindset of A-level students.  This research into the mindset concept has identified the following key (VESPA) elements:

At Blue Coat the VESPA model will be used by your tutor, discussed in assemblies and Sixth Form lectures, and used during learning conversations and with your subject tutors. You will be supported to ensure that you have all 5 elements working together to provide an effective mindset and to achieve true success.

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