The Sixth Form Tutor

The excellent level of pastoral care provided in Years 7-11 at Blue Coat is continued into the Sixth Form. Students will be allocated a personal tutor and placed in a vertical tutor group consisting of both Year 12 and Year 13 students. All Sixth Form tutor groups are also members of the school house system. 

Form tutors are the first port of call for all students and parents, and the relationship between tutors and students is one of the foundations on which our successful Sixth Form is built.

Tutors will: 
  • Provide daily support, both academic and emotional
  • Monitor tutee attendance
  • Help track academic progress
  • Support tutees in their post 18 destination application 
  • Deliver a high quality personalised tutor programme. 
  • Provide your reference for application to university, apprenticeship or employment.

Our vertical tutoring system has enabled us to create a greater sense of community and cohesion within the Sixth Form and allow Year 13 students to become role models for the Year 12 students.