Year 12 Blues Award

The Blues Award is a programme which runs from the end of the Autumn term to the start of the Summer term. This programme is to encourage our students to rise to new challenges and give back to charities, teachers, the elderly community, or anyone in need of support.

Year 12 students are encouraged to give back as much voluntary time as possible, ideally “24 hours of giving”, however several students this year have gone above and beyond by completing 186 + hours!

Students can complete tasks such as supporting subjects with tutoring / intervention programmes,  extra-curricular opportunities, or they can sign up to external agencies, such as Action Together, to help apply for volunteering roles outside of The Blue Coat School Sixth Form.

By running this programme it helps the students to build on their own personal skills and attributes, helping them to identify their own personal strengths and areas for development. By being aware of their own interpersonal and academic skills it gives students a strong plethora of information to discuss in interviews or when writing their personal statements.