Senior Students

All students at Blue Coat are given the opportunity to excel, to consolidate their strengths and follow their passions. We encourage all students to develop as leaders; to take responsibility for their actions and to realise the fulfilment that comes from working as part of a team. These are the qualities and values which prove integral to their future success. 

All students have the opportunity to apply for positions as Senior Students at the end of their first year of Sixth Form study at Blue Coat.   The application process for the role of Senior Student is highly competitive with approximately half of Year 12 putting themselves forward each year.  As ambassadors for the school our Senior Students play a pivotal role in the daily life of school: leading assemblies, running the lower school councils and assisting with the appointment of staff.   The role offers many opportunities for successful applicants, developing skills and attributes which can be used to support applications to university, apprenticeships and employment.

Our 2022/2023 Head Boy is Ethan and Head Girl is Isabel. Here is a little bit of why they wanted to be a Senior Student:

I have always endeavoured to give back to the school the opportunities which it affords me – volunteering in fundraising clubs, website administration for a linked charity, tutoring high-flying GCSE students, organising countless events, and dedicating hours to representing young people inside the school and in the wider community. My work in local and youth politics has taught me the importance of effective communication and given me a strong understanding of the problems young people face today. I’m excited to use my experience and get to work to help make Blue Coat an even better place to learn!


Head Boy

When I look back to year 7, I can’t believe how far I have come and how the time has flown! I want to make the most of the time I have left at Blue Coat by giving back to the school community that has made such a key part of my life so memorable. I am a strong and enthusiastic leader determined to succeed at any given task. I love to find solutions and problem solve. I thrive in being seen as a good role model and aim for everyone to have as brilliant an experience as I have had/am having. I have taken advantage of every opportunity (almost!) and this experience I feel will be one of my greatest contributions to the role.


Head Girl