Today a group of Year 12 students were introduced to STEP maths. STEP is an additional maths exam that needs to be taken when applying for a maths based degree at selected universities.

Our students also took part in a mock university interview and gained valuable feedback from our Year 13 students, who have gone through the procedure this year. Advice was also given on the university application process by a 2nd year Durham University Student studying Maths.

Here is what some of the students had to say:

“The mock interviews were extremely useful. The questions were great to get you thinking deep into your subject and it was great to get a taster into a real uni interview, along with the tips given by the interviewers.”

“The level of maths was challenging however the warm up and preparation questions guided you into the STEP questions nicely.”

“It was great to get the Year 13 and current uni student’s perspectives and honest opinions about their own interviews and applications. It was also reassuring to hear that none of them had a perfect interview.”