The Sixth Form Day

  • 7.30am: Access to the Mezz
  • 8.40am Registration
  • 8.50am Period 1
  • 9.50am Period 2
  • 10.50am – 11.10am Morning Break
  • 11.10am Period 3
  • 12.10pm Period 4
  • 1.10 – 2.00pm – Lunch
  • 2.00pm registration
  • 2.20pm Period 5
  • 3.20pm End of school day

There are no lessons Q Wednesday P5 – all students should sign out before leaving school site at 1.10pm

Sixth Form Site Access
  • Students are required to be on the school site from am registration through to Period 5.
  • Students are allowed to leave the school site at morning break and lunchtime, but must return promptly for the start of P3/afternoon registration.
  • Year 13 students may sign out and leave the school site at the end of afternoon registration (2.20pm) if they have no lesson Period 5.
  • All students must sign out in the Mezz before leaving the school premises.

Sixth Form students who are not in lesson P4 are permitted to have early access to the school restaurant/sign out of school for lunch from 12.45pm.

Q Wednesday P4 – all Sixth Form students must stay on site until 1.10pm. Students must sign out before leaving either at the start, during or at the end of lunchtime. There are no lessons Period 5 on a Q Wednesday.