Study Facilities

Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

All students in Year 12 have 9 timetabled sessions in the ILC, providing an extra 3 hours per subject of private independent study. These sessions are supported through additional work/activities that are set by your A Level subject teachers. The work covered during these sessions is designed to extend your subject knowledge and understanding to help you to develop the key skills of an independent and self-regulating learner.

Library and JT’s

The library and JT classrooms (Year 13 only) provide additional quiet study areas for you to carry out independent working during the day.

Subject Breakout Areas

Many of the departments around school also have Sixth Form breakout areas where you are able to work quietly in close proximity to subject teachers that are on hand to offer subject specific advice and guidance.

Restaurant and Sixth Form Mezzanine

The school restaurant and Sixth form Mezzanine are used by students when their work involves group activity/discussion.