MDV Support Programme 

The MDV programme supports our students to apply to competitive courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. 

The support begins in Year 12 and includes: 

  • Why study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine? 
  • An outline of the early application UCAS process 
  • An introduction to the UCAT and BMAT admissions tests 
  • How to prepare for the UCAT and BMAT admissions tests 
  • Support gaining work experience 
  • Personal statement guidance and support 
  • Guidance choosing which universities to apply to 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Multiple mini-interview (MMI) session 
  • One to one mock interviews 

Here are some useful links: 

The Medical Schools Council 

The Dental Schools Council 

The Veterinary Schools Council 

BMAT admissions test 

UCAT admissions test 

Work experience in the NHS