The Year 12 Futures Pathway

The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Futures Programme

In Year 12 Blue Coat students all take a co-curricular ‘Futures’ pathway option. This offers personal development and increased breadth to extend your study beyond your 3 chosen subjects, and give you the edge when it comes to higher education and professional applications. 

All Year 12 students choose from 1 of 3 options, all 3 options are examined externally at the end of Year 12 and are UCAS accredited giving you valuable points towards your university application. 

Option 1:
Pre-University Global Perspective

This option is taken by a significant proportion of our Year 12.

The Pre-U GP is designed to prepare young people to engage positively with a world where change is the only constant.  By studying global issues you explore different and sometimes opposing perspectives, and develop transferable thinking and reasoning skills, plus research and communication skills.  

The content covered is particularly relevant for future lawyers, scientists, medics and academic researchers, and complements social sciences and humanities A-Levels. 

Option 2:
Core Maths

Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) is designed for students who have achieved a grade 5 or above at GCSE.  

It supports courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences and Geography as well as technical and vocational qualifications by maintaining and developing real-life maths skills. What you study is not purely theoretical or abstract; it can be applied on a day-to-day basis in work, study or life. 

It is highly recommended that any student studying an A Levels such as Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology, but who are not studying A Level Maths, study Core Maths, as it supports the increasing mathematical demand of these subjects.

Option 3:
A fourth subject of study

In a small number of cases some students may opt for a fourth subject at AS level as part of their Futures programme.  

This would most likely be to support a university application where an understanding of an additional field would be beneficial. 

AS Subjects available to study as a fourth subject in Year 12:

  • *Further Mathematics
  • *Physics
  • *French
  • *German
  • *Music

*TBC 2020/21