The Sixth Form Study Programme

All students at The Blue Coat School Sixth Form are enrolled on a study programme which combines qualifications, work shadowing and other non-qualification activities. All students who enter the Sixth Form do so from an informed viewpoint, which is based on advice and guidance that is delivered through a comprehensive enrolment programme that involves a dedicated open evening, preliminary guidance discussions and a more detailed pathway meeting conducted by members of the Senior Leadership/Sixth Form Team.

With over 30 Level 3 courses on offer, students at Blue Coat have the choice to construct a study programme that is shaped around their individual needs, prior attainment, education, and future career goals.

Study programmes include substantial academic qualifications in the form of A-levels (with some AS levels available where applicable), applied and Cambridge Technical qualifications.

A Level

Most students in the Sixth Form follow a two year fully linear A-level programme where the final grade is based on examinations taken in Year 13 at the end of the two-year course.

Subjects available for A-level study from September 2022:

ArtBiologyBusiness StudiesChemistryComputer Science
Design & 3D TechnologyDrama & TheatreEconomicsEnglish LanguageEnglish Literature
French*Further Mathematics*Geography
MathematicsMedia Studies
PoliticsPsychologyReligion, Philosophy & Ethics
*These subjects can also be taken at AS level as part of the Futures Pathway.
Level 3 Applied and Cambridge technical

The Level 3 Applied Science course and Cambridge Technical course in PE can be taken in conjunction with A-level subjects.  The Applied and Technical qualifications are equivalent to one A-level and require 2 years of study to achieve full accreditation.  Both courses contain a substantial coursework element which goes towards the final grade awarded at the end of the 2 years.

The Futures Pathway

In addition to their 3 chosen A-levels all students in Year 12 choose an option from the ‘Futures Pathway.  Students are given advice and guidance as to which option best suits their choice of A-level subjects together with their future career aspirations.  All 3 options result in external examination and certification at the end of Year 12.  

All students must select one option from the list below:

  • Option 1:  Pre-University Global Perspectives Short Course (B2 UCAS tariff)   
    • 3 hours of timetabled study/fortnight
  • Option 2:  Core Maths (B2 UCAS tariff)   
    • 4 hours of timetabled study/fortnight
  • Option 3: A Fourth Subject (AS Further Maths; Physics; French, German or Music).   

9 hours of timetabled study/fortnight (co-teachable with linear programme)

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Independent Study Sessions

All Year 12 and 13* students have additional timetabled study support sessions linked to each of their A-level courses.  These sessions are timetabled and supervised and take place in a dedicated Independent Learning Resource Centre (ILC)

* From September 2022

Pastoral Support

Character education is an inherent part of life at Blue Coat, and our students in the Sixth Form spend 25 minutes each day with their Sixth Form. Tutor time is used to discuss a range of important issues and develop key knowledge and skills to effectively develop a students’ character, attitudes, and confidence and to support their continued progress post-18.   Our pastoral support and personal development education is further supported by assemblies, wellbeing provision, lectures and external trips/guest speakers.

Learning Aims and Planned Hours

All students in the Sixth Form are full time and are expected to follow a two-year academic programme of study which comprises in Year 12 of 4, Level 3 subjects (3 two-year linear subjects plus 1, one-year AS/AS equivalent).  Most students in Year 13 continue with their 3 linear subjects with a small number adjusting their timetable to reflect their AS Futures option.

Students on an A-level/A-level equivalent course have 9* hours of timetabled study per fortnight.  All students are provided with a personalised timetable that ensure that their allocated hours meet the minimum requirement of 540 hours per year*.

* From September 2022 student timetables will be adjusted to reflect the minimum requirement of 580+ hours per annum.  From September 2022 Year 12 students will have 10 hours of teaching time/fortnight/subject

Sixth Form Hours Allocation (Subject to change September 2022)
Study Programme ActivityHours Per Fortnight
Daily Form Time2 ½ Hours
3 x A-level Subject9 Hours per subject
Futures Pathway Option 1 Pre- U3 Hours  
Futures Pathway Option 2 Core Maths4 Hours
Futures Pathway Option 3 AS Subject9 Hours
ILC Supervised Study Year 129 Hours
Wellbeing1 Hour
Sixth Form Lecture1 Hour

Year 12 and 13 Average Hours: 680 Hours