French / German (Eduqas)

Do you enjoy learning a language? Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively and find out what it’s really like to live in another country?

At A level, whether you choose French or German, we allow students to improve their language level whilst learning a lot more about the political and artistic cultures of French or German-speaking countries.

You’ll explore social issues and current trends, and study a film in Year 12 and a literary text in Year 13. Topics include music, festivals, immigration, 20th century history and education

Course Content & Assessment

The course is assessed in three papers at A level:

Component 1: Speaking

There is a discussion of one stimulus card followed by a presentation and discussion of a topic studied independently. You have 5 minutes’ preparation time for the stimulus card and the test takes 21-23 minutes.

Component 2: Listening, Reading and Translation

You will answer a range of questions based on listening material (each candidate accesses the material individually on a pc) and on a selection of written stimulus texts. You will also complete a translation into English and a translation into the target language.

Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing

You will have to write an essay about the film that we have studied and an essay about the literary text we have studied.


The classes will involve all four language skills:

  • Listening to conversations, news items, discussions, interviews, songs
  • Reading newspaper, magazine and internet articles
  • Writing letters, essays, accounts, summaries, translations, multi-media presentations.
  • Speaking in discussions, debates, arguments, role-plays, reporting tasks, presentations, and sessions with the language assistant – one half-hour session every week, one to one – attendance is compulsory.

Your Future

Those who can communicate in more than one language will always be in very high demand!

Universities offer courses linked to this A level, either as a single or joint honours degree in a language, or by offering further language studies as a subsidiary option.

Languages are involved in a wide range of careers, from the more obvious in interpreting, the diplomatic service and teaching, to paths in law, business and journalism.

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