Applied Science

Level 3 Certificate/Extended Certificate in Applied Science (AQA)

Science is a subject that affects all aspects of our lives. For example, by advancing knowledge in stem cell research, leading to the development of new treatments for serious illnesses….

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Art and Design:  Fine Art (AQA)

In Year 12, Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of fine art media, processes and techniques. They will be made aware of both traditional and new media….

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Biology (AQA)

Biology is the study of living things, from the molecules within our cells to the organisms that make up ecosystems! You’ll need to think and work like a real scientist if you choose this A level….

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Business Studies

Business (AQA)

Businesses impact on our day to day lives. They supply the goods and services we buy, provide employment for millions of people and even deliver many public services such as refuse collection and care for the elderly….

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Chemistry (OCR)

Chemistry deals with an atomic and molecular interpretation of the world around us. It is often called the ‘Central Science’ because it underpins all other branches of science….

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Economics (AQA)

Before 2008 few people in the UK had ever heard of a ‘sub-prime mortgage’, and fewer still knew what the LIBOR was and how it impacted on their everyday lives….

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