Study Facilities

Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

All students in Year 12 have 9 timetabled sessions in the ILC, providing an extra 3 hours per subject of private independent study. These sessions are supported through additional work/activities that are set by A Level subject teachers. The work covered during these sessions is designed to extend subject knowledge and understanding to help students develop the key skills to become an independent and self-regulating learner.


Year 13 students have priority access to the school library during Periods 1-5. These are quiet work areas where students can work individually on homework and revision.

Sixth Form Mezzanine

The Sixth form Mezzanine is used by Year 13 students when their work involves group activity/discussion. It is also used as a communal area and has facilities such as a vending machine and hot drinks machine.

JT Classroom

The JT Classroom can be used by Year 12 students as their communal area and when work involves group activity/discussion and has facilities such as a vending machine and hot drinks machine.


The Restaurant can also be used by all Sixth Form students for group work and discussion when not in use during lunchtimes.

Codes Of Conduct

Sixth Form students at Blue Coat are role models and ambassadors for the school, and we expect them to present themselves accordingly. 

We want everyone in the Sixth Form to feel safe, valued and able to succeed. We therefore ask that all students follow our simple codes of conduct when using the facilities linked to Sixth Form study and recreation.